Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO: An Enthralling Ride

Image Source: www.datsun.co.in

Nissan has always been innovative when it comes to the exterior designing. Nobody is actually keen to find out about the performance of a car if the exteriors are ugly, dull or boring. But when you can get both a good looking car with amazing performance topped up with a decent price, all you can say is - “Shit up and take my money already!”.

The moment I glanced upon the brand new car by Nissan, I was left awe-inspired. Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback. What else do you need? Before I could dive into the interiors and features, it took me some time to marvel upon the stunning exterior. Obviously, that is the first thing that makes me want to take this car for a spin.

I would say that the design is going to allure both the sporty style enthusiasts and the one looking for elegance in a conventional manner. It looks absolutely sleek, but the humps offers an aggressive stance to the car. It sports a high stance that is supposed to offer us a wider view and I can perfectly understand how. Even if we keep the technicalities apart, it does offer a great visual impact.

I especially like the tail lamps as well. The design is refreshing and unique. While the head lamps has been crafted with perfect finesse as well, the tail lamp design makes you forget everything else. 

Secondly, the car is fuel efficient. 25.17 kmpl is an impressive achievement. I believe that most of the people in India will be hooked on to this perfect mileage especially because fuel prices are hiking every now and then. It simply helps in lowering the overall expenditure on your car in long term. I-SAT technology is just the perfect cherry on the top. 

The third feature that I love about the car (which is also extremely important) is the spacious interiors. You will not believe how spacious this car is inside the sturdy and sporty build until you witness it with your own eyes. Usually, the cars with a sporty look fall short of the space, but here you get even more than the normal 5 seaters. In addition to the decent leg space for 5 people together, separate space for luggage has also been accommodated inside the car. Even the aesthetics are absolutely plush (keeping the price range in mind). 

Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO is definitely going to drive my driving blues away. Who would not want to ride in such a fascinating ride? The superior comfort that the interiors offer coupled with the groovy music system that comes pre-installed, the only thing that could have kept somebody at bay was a poor mileage, but guess what? You get a great mileage over such enthralling features as well. 

Since I put up in Delhi, I would love to go for a test drive if the car is launched at a nearby showroom. It would be a pleasure to finally sit behind the steering and hit the ignition. 

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