By the Power of Airtel 4G

Remember the early days of internet? The dial up connections and the 2g internet on your phones? If you are from my generation or my previous generations, you must have faced the fatigue of downloading your favorite media. I remember how I had to practically leave my internet connection on for the entire night to download tutorials from YouTube. The internet speeds were pathetic and it was even poor if you tried to stream or view anything on your phones. 

Even with the 3g networks at present, you cannot live stream the videos in high definition which is essential if you are watching something where details matter or the text is small. Anything blow the HD resolution practically distorts and blurs the text and the minute details that might be essential depending on what you are watching. 

Therefore, when Airtel first announced their 4G internet, I was amused and happy. I have even applied for a 4G sim for myself and eagerly waiting for the same and I did not even think twice before applying for it. This is because they are giving away the sim for free and when I checked their tariff plans, they are basically offering 4G speeds at the cost of 3G plans. This is the moment when you say to yourself - ‘this is a golden opportunity.’

While I can’t wait to have the 4G sim in my phone, I have already planned what all I will do once I get the power of 4G speed on my phone:

I’m a big movie buff. When I was not doing a regular job, I had enough time to watch all the trailers and movies at home. But with a fixed hour job especially when you consume almost 5 hours in commuting, you are not left with enough time. So yes, the foremost thing that will be mine is the power to stream movies and trailers on my phone without any stupid buffer icon.

Next thing is the streaming of music especially the live performances. If you’re an EDM or Progressive lover, you know that actually watching your favorite DJ perform in front of a huge crowd is much better than just listening to their mega-mixes. So, Hardwell, Avicii and Martin Garrix, you’ll be mine pretty sooner.

I think a lot of us are a social media addict. Believe it or not, the loading time of photos is a real mood killer. I assume that all the image based data will be available within a click or slide. So yeah, you won’t have to wait while you’re watching the photos of your friends on Facebook or checking their tumbler blogs. 

So, that’s my basic requirement but I’m sure, I’ll also be exploring high definition video calling with my Airtel 4G.  

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